Cannabis Harm Reduction for Youth Living with Psychosis and Using Cannabis

Cannabis use can be more problematic for individuals who have experienced an episode of psychosis. Stephanie Coronado-Montoya, a PhD candidate in the Didier Jutras-Aswad laboratory, advocates for harm reduction as a means of helping people manage problematic cannabis use.

Through her review of over 11,400 scientific articles, Stephanie found that few cannabis-focused interventions existed for people with psychosis who wanted to reduce or prevent cannabis-related harms. Her national survey of patient preferences found two significant demands which emerged from the population: that interventions be short and technology-based.

The CHAMPS app responds to these demands (a mobile app containing a brief psychosocial intervention aiming to reduce cannabis-related harms in people with psychosis). To learn more about this initiative, please listen to the full episode and follow Stephanie on Instagram (@the.brain.diaries).