May 2022

The whole team would like to warmly congratulate one of its dynamic members, Stephanie Coronado-Montoya, who has been awarded a DIALOGUE grant from the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ) for her knowledge transfer initiative entitled “The Brain Diaries : A social media project to combat misinformation on mental health and addiction.” Stephanie, a third year doctoral student in biomedical sciences, specializing in psychiatric sciences, is one of four students at Université de Montréal to win the grant this year. The 5000$ award will help to support her social media project, which she runs entirely on her own on a volunteer basis. Stephanie created the Instagram account with the firm intention to integrate and influence a widespread virtual social environment in which few researchers typically share their scientific views on public topics, and where misinformation is omnipresent. The goal is to provide concise evidence-based information to a target audience that is not usually reached with conventional scientific media. Projects such as The Brain Diaries, which are focused on giving back to the public valuable information generated by the scientific community, play a crucial role in solidifying the position of science in society, while also contributing in building rational and critical thinking patterns among the population. Congratulations Stephanie for your outreach efforts and your dedication in making science more accessible and useful!

To follow Stephanie on Instagram : @the.brain.diaries