Ongoing clinical studies

  • CANNABINOIDS studies

    Duration: 5 visits spaced at least one week
    Recruitment:Ongoing, ending December 30th 2022
    Age: 21 to 65 years old

    Participants wanted:

    Have used cannabis at least once in their life, be in good health, willing to use the research product during the study.

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  • HEPCO Study

    Duration: visits every three months (90 min) for an unlimited period
    Age:18 years and over

    Participants wanted:

    Men and women consuming injection drugs (in the last 6 months)

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    seringue fond vert
  • ECHO Study

    Duration: 24 months
    Recruitment:In progress
    Age:18 years and over

    Participants wanted:

    Quebec health and social services professionals and clinicians who are enrolled in the ECHO®CHUM concurrent disorders training program.

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Completed clinical studies

Future studies
  • JANUARY 2021 : E-mental health for young adults with psychosis: a web-based psychosocial intervention to treat cannabis use disorder.
  • JANUARY 2021 : CHAMPS: a proof-of-concept and feasibility trial of a cannabis harm reduction intervention for young adults with psychosis (CHAMPS Trial)

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*People wishing to participate in one of the studies or who have questions about them can contact the lab. People who wish to obtain addiction and/or mental health care or services can contact the addiction rehabilitation center or the psychosocial center in their region. They can also call emergency services if their condition requires it.