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Comprehension Project

Comprehension Project

Study on the factors that influence cannabis use among people with psychosis and its impacts on their life and their family. 

Approximately 1.5h for one group discussion or 1h for an individual interview.

Monetary compensation proportional to duration.




Group A participants :    

Have experienced or are experiencing psychosis, aged between 16 and 65, have used cannabis regularly in the last 12 months.  

Group B participants:    

Have a relative who has experienced or is experiencing psychosis and who has used cannabis, aged between 16 and 65. 

Your role

Fill in questionnaires to assess your eligibility, take part in a discussion session or an interview to give your perspective on your consumption or the consumption of your loved one. 

If you have questions, you can read our FAQ sheet or contact us.


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*People wishing to participate in one of the studies or who have questions about them can contact the lab. People who wish to obtain addiction and/or mental health care or services can contact the addiction rehabilitation center or the psychosocial center in their region. They can also call emergency services if their condition requires it.