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  • August 2023 3 August 2023

    Doctoral candidate in psychiatric sciences Ovidiu Tatar, along with a team of Canadian and international researchers, has recently published in a prestigious psychiatry journal the results of a study that evaluated preferences of young adults with psychosis for online psychological interventions for decreasing cannabis use. Cannabis dependence is up to 15 times higher in young adults with psychosis compared to the…

  • June 2023 29 June 2023

    On April 19, 2023, Quebec media outlets announced that flavored vaping devices would be removed from sales (1). Designated by various names such as electronic cigarettes or “vapes”, these objects are hand-held devices that heat an inhalable solution containing nicotine, a humectant and synthetic volatile compounds (2). In fact, vape retailers would face a prohibition on distributing any vaping products…

  • Stephanie Coronado Montoya, PhD Candidate in the Didier Jutras-Aswad Laboratory, was a guest speaker on Radio-Canada podcast “Moteur de recherche”

    Cannabis use can be more problematic for individuals who have experienced an episode of psychosis. Stephanie Coronado-Montoya, a PhD candidate in the Didier Jutras-Aswad laboratory, advocates for harm reduction as a means of helping people manage problematic cannabis use. Through her review of over 11,400 scientific articles, Stephanie found that few cannabis-focused interventions existed for people with psychosis who wanted…


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